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Established Minh Nguyen Quang Trading - Service Company Limited and announced the Minh Nguyen Quang - SMACCOM brand system. The year marked an important milestone in the company's development history. With many years of experience and continuously updating many production technologies, providing machinery and equipment in the Wire - Cable, steel Mill, Mechanic, Construction, Metal working, Shipping... industry, Minh Nguyen Quang is gradually Enhance strategic vision in participating in supply & management, improving product quality, investing in new products, and providing solutions for heavy industry.


In 2003, signed exclusive agent cooperation with Vietnam HOUGHTON INC – USA

In 2004, they signed a cooperation agreement to be the commercial representative of Propezi - Italy for metal rolling and casting furnaces in Vietnam.

In 2005, signed a cooperation agreement to be the distribution agent for ESTEVES SPAIN and BALOFFE - FRANCE.

In 2006, he signed a cooperation agreement to become the commercial representative of TECTYL VALVOLINE in Vietnam.



Becoming a leading enterprise in Vietnam specializing in providing lubricants in the fields of Electric Wire and Cable production, Mechanical processing, Shipbuilding, Construction - Pressure concrete casting, Steel refining and supply Technology - Engineering solutions for heavy industry.

       With the motto of accompanying partners, partner benefits are our success. The purpose of MINH NGUYEN QUANG Company is: quality, price, service, quick delivery, improving technical innovation for customers.

MINH NGUYEN QUANG COMPANY is honored to be a reliable supplier and partner of many customers and partners in the market in the fields of construction - Concrete, electric wire and cable, mechanical processing, shipbuilding. , manufacturing auto parts. civil and industrial