Petroleum type Hydraulic Fluids

- Tectyl Power Series satisfy intense pump operating condition of high speed and high pressure. Tectyl Power Series have been approved by pump and hydraulic equipment makers.
- Having aggressively excluded and replaced sulfonate types of rust preventing additives with ash-less types, Korea Houghton have minimized chances of emulsification, sludge occurrence problems. Moreover, we have excluded and controlled products’ bubbles in a high temperature. Tectyl Power Series also guarantee longer life time and decrease of equipment noise.

 Fire Resistant type Hydraulic Fluids
- Excellent fire resistance and approved by many customers
- Environment conversation products have outstanding biodegradability (more than 95%) and was the first hydraulic fluids in Korea to acquire and maintain the environmental mark. KHC products have been highly recognized by steel/iron making, automobile and any other related industries.

 Gear Oil
- Tectyl Gear Oils are effective on Gear, Bearing and Slide Way Oils and multi-functionally used. They also have achieved recognition for worm gear lubrication

 Slide Way Oils
- Tectyl Slide Way Oils feature high lubricity, abrasion, stick-slip prevention and applied to medium, heavy load vertical and horizontal slide way.

 Compressor Oils
- Tectyl Compressor Oils could extend exchanging cycles for Separator and Filter Element. The products’ same life span to Synthetic types could increase efficiency.

 Synthetic Lubrication Oils
- 100% synthetic Lubrication Oils and hardly creates carbon and sludge. The product guarantees a long life span and contributes towards cost reduction.

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Class Step 3

Tectyl Products


Petroleum type
Hydraulic Fluids


Tectyl Power Series

Heavy Weight Abrasion

Tectyl Power S Series

High Viscosity

Tectyl Power VI Series

High Purity Hydraulic Fluids
(Servo valves)

Tectyl Power SV Series

Fire Resistance
Hydraulic Fluids

Fire Resistance Hydraulic Fluids

Tectyl HF Series

Environment Friendly Synthetic Oils

Tectyl Hydro Syn Oil Series

Water Glycol nonflammable

Tectyl Safe 38, 46, 56 Series

Advanced Concept Fire Resistance

Tectyl FR Series

Gear Oils

Agricultural Machine

Tectyl TF Series

Non-Stain & Mist Oils

Tectyl Mist Oil

Gear Oils (Mineral Type)

Tectyl Gear Series

Gear Oils (Synthetic Type)

Tectyl Syngear Series

Machine & Multi purpose

Tectyl Lube Series

Spindle Oil

Tectyl Spin Series

Sliding Way Oils

Tectyl WL Series

Compressor Oils (Semi Type)

Tectyl Comp Series

Compressor Oils (Synthetic)

Tectyl Comp 3046

Turbine Oils

Tectyl Turbine Series


Vacuum pump Oils, Shock Absorb Oil

Tectyl Power Series
Tectyl HL Series



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